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Gov.Newsom announces CA to start reopening this Friday

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Monday, the state has entered the 2nd phase of reopening the economy and would be allowed some retailers to be open for business.

  • Newsom also announced that the state is working with U.C.L.A and U.C.S.F to develop, up to 20,000, workers for a contact tracing program.

What does phase 2 mean?

  • Newsom said some retailers would be allowed to reopen their businesses for curbside pickup as early as Friday which would also restart retail manufacturing and supply chains.

  • Opening scheduled surgeries for some hospital systems

  • Beaches in Laguna Beach and San Clemente would allow the public to have limited access to the coastline for recreational activities, per the L.A Times

  • Beverly Hills to loosen restrictions on medical procedures

  • Shopping malls, restaurants with seated dining and office buildings are to remain closed

What they're saying:

  • Gov.Newsom said during a press conference "As early as by end of this week, you will have the capacity as retailer to begin to reopen for pickup: clothing, bookstores, music shops, sporting goods, florists as Mother's Day approaches and other sectors within that retail sector,".

  • LB Mayor Robert Garcia said, "I want to just remind everyone that Long Beach and our partners in L.A. County have the ability to choose the exact timing and the dates on when we can start going into stage two,"

Where things stand:

  • California has 55,708 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 2,253 have died.

  • L.A County public health officials announced 568 new coronavirus cases and 28 deaths.

  • In Long Beach, health officials declared eight new coronavirus cases, but no new deaths.

COVID-19 in Long Beach:

  • 768 total positive results

  • 37 fatalities 

  • 42 people hospitalized 

  • Approximately 475 recoveries ( recovery data is self-reported.)

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