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Gov.Newsom "COVID-19 will be with us for a long time and we need to adapt", unveils new plan

Calfornia Governor Gavin Newsom announced the creation of a new color-coded four-tier "unified framework" system to reopen parts of California's economy.


Under Governor Newsom's new four-tier plan, a county's upper mobility would be determined by positivity rates, case rates, a new mandatory wait times between moves within the tiers, and a two-week maintaining period. If a county meets all of the requirements, they would be allowed to move to the next tier. According to the governor's office, those that fail to meet the new metric would either remain at their current tier or get bumped down.

  • The widespread (purple) tier has replaced the state's monitoring list.

  • Counties would have to go through a 21- day mandatory wait time before moving to the next tier.

  • Under the new four-tire plan, each county will be classified as either purple, red, orange, or yellow, and each tier will determine what types of businesses and activities are allowed to reopen.

  • Schools in the purple tier aren’t permitted to reopen for in-person teaching unless they receive a waiver from their local health department for TK-6 grade.

  • Schools can reopen for in-person teaching once their county has been in the red tier for at least two weeks.

  • ICU and hospital capacity would no longer be a leading metric for reopening.

  • L.A County & Orange County remain in the restrictive purple tier.

  • A county could only move one tier at a time and each county will be assigned its tier every Tuesday.

Why it matters:

Governor Newsom faced mass criticism for his handling of the pandemic by allowing counties to move too quickly to reopening before meeting state guidelines and leading to a resurgence to the virus.

What they're saying:

  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom on the new tier system, "We're looking at these four tiers color-coded, making it a little simpler for folks purple, uh, red, orange, and yellow. We don't put a green because we don't believe that there is a green light just says go back to the way things were or back to the pre-pandemic mindset. Quite the contrary, these are the guidelines, these color-coded County guidelines that we're putting forward, to get us through this flu season, to prepare for the upcoming flu season, twin demic, as sorts as we deal with flu."

  • Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia on the new guidelines, "We can't even contemplate any other type of reopening, at least for the next three weeks because... So, the only thing that we can actually think about within our category is essentially salons and barbershops at a limited capacity indoors,... but again, we could be in the purple category for an extended period of time."

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