• Matt Esnayra

Gov.Newsom proposal could give CA drivers $400 to help with rising gas prices

Gov. Gavin Newsom proposes gasoline relief with $400 debit cards and other breaks for California car owners who are dealing with the nation's highest gas prices, according to the Associated Press.

I drink your milkshake!

Under Mr. Newsom's proposal, drivers would receive $400 on debit cards per car to ease the pain at the pump.

  • In addition, the proposal would cover the cost of bus or train fares for three months to assist residents who do not have access to a vehicle.

  • The proposal would give each household a maximum of two debit cards worth $800.

  • The first payments might begin as early as July. Every year, California drivers pay about $300 in gas taxes.

Keep this in mind:

California's average gas price stands at $5.90 a gallon, two dollars above the national average, per AAA.

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