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Housing Activist Protest Outside Councilmember Price's House

Roughly 100 affordable-housing activists protested outside of Long Beach City Councilmember Suzie Price's house rallying for the cancellation of rent and the halting of evictions.

Councilmember Suzie Price is a supporter of the rental re-payment plan, a proposal that could require tenets to start making payments on past rent as early as August 31st— Price is reportedly a landlord herself.

Why it matters:

Back in May, the city council voted unanimously to extend the eviction moratorium to July 31st. Giving needed protections to tenants during the coronavirus pandemic, but those eviction safeguards only protect tenets from May 4th to July 31st and tenets have until July 2021 to repay any back rent.

  • At the federal level, the federal government put a temporary ban on evictions in federally assisted properties, set to end on July 25.

  • On Tuesday, City Council instructed city staff to research programs that would assist renters who are having a difficult time making payments due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic —giving tenets the option to pay half their rent and the city matching the rest of the amount.

  • Twenty-four states are processing evictions, and that number is likely to climb to at least 30 states by the end of June, per USA Today.

  • The Coronavirus pandemic is more of an accelerant than a change agent, pushing longstanding problems passed the point of no return, especially in housing, creating fear among renters and housing activists that eviction apocalypse is on the horizon

What they're saying:

Protesters chanted "Suzie, Suzie what's your price" at Recreation Park on 7th:

Moments of confrontation:

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