• Matt Esnayra

Hundreds protest in Huntington Beach to reopen O.C Beaches & end stay-at-home orders

Image from NBC 4

Demonstrators gathered Friday in Downtown Huntington Beach to protest against California's stay-at-home orders and Governor Newsom's recent order to close all Orange County beaches to slow the spread of the infectious coronavirus.

  • Many demonstrations did not perform social distancing or wear any masks during the protest

  • Local police and OC Sheriff's deputies were seen on horseback and motorcycles monitoring the gathering.

  • According to the L.A Times, people were seen carrying banners that read “All jobs are essential” and “Freedom: We the people.” One person had a sign that said “Recall Gavin Newsom.”

  • Orange County Superior Court Judge Nathan Scott upheld Governor Newsom's executive order, by declining to issue a restraining order, per Fox 11.

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