• Matt Esnayra

Huntington Beach protesters rally over Gov. Newsom's stay-at-home order

Protesters rallied in Huntington Beach in opposition to Governor Gavin Newsom's Stay-at-Home order and calling for an end to business restrictions that were established to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

What Happen:

According to the L.A Times, 100+ protesters gathered at the intersection of Main Street and Walnut Ave in Huntington Beach.

  • Authorities say the protest remained peaceful and did not result in any arrests, per ABC7

  • Most protesters didn't wear masks or face coverings in defiance of social distancing guidelines.

In Michigan:

The protest against Michigan's stay-at-home order was founded Greg McNeilly, political adviser to the family of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, per Washington Post

What they're saying:

Chants of "No forced vaccinations" and "China lied people died, could be heard from the protesters.

  • One protester said, "We had enough of their garbage bullshit. Nobody wants to stay home anymore, we need to get back to work"

  • President Trump said, “These are people expressing their views,” he told White House reporters. “I see where they are and I see the way they’re working. They seem to be very responsible people to me, but they’ve been treated a little bit rough.”

  • One protester yelled from his vehicle "America first."

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