• Matt Esnayra

If You Don't Know, Now You Know: Astros-Sign Stealing Scandal Grows

What Happened Today:

Former ballplayer and now former manager Carlos Beltran and the Mets mutually agree to part ways due to the ongoing Astro-Sign Stealing scandal that engulfed Major League Baseball for the past couple of weeks.


Beltran is the fifth person to be fired this due to his connection to the sign-stealing scandal, joining former Red Sox manager Alex Cora, who was let go on Tuesday and former Astros manager AJ Hitch and General Manager Jeff Luhnow, who was fired on Monday.

  • #BuzzerGate: New allegations have emerged that Astros' players Jose Altuve and Jason Bergman wore electronic devices under their uniforms.

  • The Boston Red Sox is also being investigated for the potential use of sign-stealing with the use of electronic equipment while Cora was the manager in 2018.

NY Mets Statement on Beltran's Exit:

Jose Altuve 'Don't rip off my jersey' at 2017 ALCS

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