• Matt Esnayra

In photos: Over a hundred anti-vax mandate protest at Long Beach's Bluff Park

Photos via a MTLB reader

Crowds of Anti-vaccine mandate protesters gathered at Long Beach's Bluff Park to demonstrate against mask and COVID-19 vaccine requirements.

Why it matters:

Los Angeles County's new vaccination verification program called SafePassLA was launched on Monday that would require residents to show proof of vaccination for entering restaurants, bars, coffee shops, breweries, wineries, gyms, spas, nail salons.

More than 100 people protested at Bluff Park against the latest round of pandemic influence health orders.

Protester carried a sign saying "FORCED PENETRATION IS RAPE"


A Anti-mandate protester holds a sign saying "Consent no Coercion" with a red X over Vaccine Mandate


One sign makes medical claims about the vaccine

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