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Joe Biden released his tax returns before debating Trump

Former Vice President and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Bidne, released their joint 2019 tax returns.

Why it matters:

The Biden campaign's planned release comes days after the bombshell New York Times report that detailed President Trump's tax avoidance and hours before tonight's presidential debate in Cleveland.

Takeaways from Biden's 2019 tax return:

  • The Biden's reported a taxable income of $944,737 and paid $299,346 in federal taxes in 2019

  • The Biden's also paid $288,000 in personal income taxes, according to financial disclosure forms published n the campaign's website.

  • Joe Biden lists occupation as an "executive," and Dr. Jill Biden listed her profession as a "teacher."

Takeaways from Sen. Harris' 2019 tax returns:

  • Senator Kamala Harris and her husband, Douglas Emhoff, jointly reported an income of $3,018,127 for last year.

  • Harris and Emhoff paid federal income taxes of $1,185,628.

  • Harris released 15 years' worth of income tax during the democratic presidential primaries, per Politico.

The Bidens' tax returns:

Kamala Harris 2019 tax returns:

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