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Journalist Yashar Ali Accuses Top Garcetti Advisor Rick Jacobs of Sexual Misconduct

A top advisor to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Rick Jacobs, was publicly accused of another sexual misconduct allegation Monday night.


Freelance journalist Yashar Ali accused Garcetti advisor Rick Jacobs of forcibly kissing him and unwanted hugs. In his first-person article, Ali also wrote that "Jacobs would grab my face and kiss me on the lips—always twice—and he would turn to other people who witnessed it and say, "He has the softest lips."

  • Ali also writes that Jacobs would subject "others to forcible kissing, grabbing and sexually explicit comments," and would describe the unwanted hugs from Jacobs as "so hard I felt like my teeth were going to break."

  • Before becoming a freelance journalist, Ali worked in Democratic politics and "would often encounter Jacobs at fundraisers. I considered him a friend, and we had many acquaintances in common."

Why it matters:

Ali is the second person to bring sexual misconduct accusations towards Jacobs. The initial allegation was from a former Los Angeles police officer Matthew Garza, who served on Mayor Eric Garcetti's security detail for seven years; Garza filed a lawsuit in July.

  • Garza's lawsuit claims that Jacobs would regularly assault and harass him—and that Garcetti had witnessed the alleged assault and harassment, per Yahoo News.

  • According to the case, there were more than a dozen occasions on which members of Garcetti's staff apologized to Garza "for Jacobs' harassing conduct and comments," telling him "words to the effect of, `I'm sorry you have to deal with that, he's such a pig," per LA Daily News.

  • A representative for Garcetti did not immediately return a request for comment on the accusations against Jacobs.

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