• Matt Esnayra

K-9 Helps Takedown Suspect to End Standoff in Rose Park

A lengthy standoff between the LBPD and a man who resisted dropping a metal object ended after a police dog was used to subdued the suspect Thursday morning, police say.


At roughly 9:00 a.m., LBPD dispatched officers to the 800 block of Cherry Avenue due to calls regarding a man allegedly trying to "break out" a car window. When the arriving officers came across the suspect, he was armed with what police are describing as "a metal object," and that he "swung" the object at a victim.

  • LBPD spokesperson Brandon Fahey says the suspect was "uncooperative" and rejected orders to disarm.

  • Fahey says officers used less-lethal force to subdue the suspect, but it was useless, and a police dog was used. The suspect struck the K9 with the metal object, and the K9 sustained minor injuries.

  • Overall, it took officers about one hour until the suspect was taken into custody and he was then transported to a nearby hospital.

  • The suspect will later be booked for assault with a deadly weapon, under the influence of a controlled substance, resisting arrest, and willful harm on a K9.

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