• Matt Esnayra

L.B changes Safe at Home order, funerals prohibited; City can issue citations to businesses

Long Beach City officials have issued alterations to its "Safer at Home" orders in an effort to slow the spread of the infectious coronavirus.

Essential Businesses:

The new changes to the “Safer at Home” order focuses more on social distancing in the workplace for employees at essential businesses, by saying employers “must make every effort” to allow telecommuting, video or phone meetings, stagger schedules and separate employees by six feet, including:

  • Limiting interactions of any sort.

  • Limit or eliminate; employees from carpooling, the need for employees to physically work in teams of two or more, and maintain social distancing.

  • Beauty supply stores are no longer deemed "essential" and must close.

  • The City can now issue citations against businesses in violation of the “Safer at Home” order.

  • The Water Department could shut off water service to non-essential businesses that violate the order.

Mortuaries are Prohibited to Perform Funerals:

Funeral homes are restricted to the removal, care, preparation, and burial of deceased persons or animals, but memorial services are not permitted.

Licensed Medical Cannabis Dispensaries can Offer Curbside Pickups:

  • Customers have to pay in advance of the curbside pickup.

  • Patients must show their state-issued I.D and the patient’s medical identification card prior to the curbside pickup.

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