• Matt Esnayra

L.B City Council Takes A Step Closer to a City-Wide Short-Term Rental Ordinance

What Happened:

Last night the council addressed a multitude of different topics ranging from the regulation of short-term rentals to the ongoing dispute with SpaceLA over Animal care services.

Short -Term Housing:

After hearing 80 people and having a long discussion, the Long Beach City Council took one step closer to drafting a city-wide ordinance regulating short-term rentals and the platforms that offer them.

  • After rejecting a draft created by the city's staff that would have required STR's to register with the city and allow 1% of the LB's housing stock to be used as "non-primary STRs".

"Short-term rentals take away from our already depleted housing stock," said an affordable housing advocate and LB renter. "we need to focus on more affordable housing instead of allowing our housing stock disappear to short-term rentals... we sign a lease or rent a property to live in a community, not a defacto illegal hotels".

A Rep for Airbnb largely focused on the financial benefits to Long Beach, saying “Hosts keep 97% of the proceeds and 93% of our host's direct guests that visit Long Beach to local small businesses, helping to grow that tax base as well.”

The new law will come back to the LB Council for the final vote:

  • Platforms like Airbnb and vrbo are authorized to offer short-term rentals in Long Beach but are required to pay hotel taxes.

  • The Council voted 5-3 to cap the number of non-hosted short-term rentals to 1,000.

  • Parts of the 1st draft STR ordinance were carried over like requiring all short-term rentals to have a local 24-hour contact; managing quiet hours and reducing the number of short-term rentals in multi-unit buildings.

  • the ordinance will become law in 181 days after the council's final vote.

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