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L.B Coronavirus Update: 303 Confirmed Cases and 8 Total Deaths

Photo from City of Long Beach

City health officials reported another Long Beach resident has died from coronavirus complications, bringing the death toll to eight fatalities, and that confirmed COVID-19 cases have passed 300.

What's New:

  • The latest fatality is a woman in her 80's, with underlying health problems and is "associated" with one of the six long-term care facilities with confirmed coronavirus cases.

  • 18 new coronavirus cases bring the total confirmed cases to 303.

  • 425 new cases today in L.A County.

  • 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment last week, the Labor Department says.

  • A crew member aboard the USNS Mercy has tested positive for coronavirus.

  • New York state lost 2,753 lives on 9/11, as of today, New York has lost 7,067 lives due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Long Beach: Total confirmed cases as of 3:36 p.m.

  • 303 confirmed Coronavirus cases

  • 42 hospitalized

  • 140 people have recovered

  • Of the 303 confirmed cases, 53 are linked to six long term care facilities.

  • 8 total deaths; all had underlying health conditions, two of the victims were men and six were women, and one victim was in their 50s, two were in their 60s, and five were over 80 years old.

Los Angeles County:

  • 7,955 confirmed cases

  • 425 cases today

  • 223 total deaths

  • 1,894 people have been hospitalized

  • 51 residents who live in nursing homes died from COVIDー19

  • The mortality rate is 2.8%

Here's a list of California counties with the most deaths: From L.A Times

  1. Los Angeles County 223

  2. Santa Clara County 46

  3. San Diego County 36

  4. Riverside County 32

  5. Sacramento County 22

  6. San Mateo County 21

  7. San Bernardino County 20

  8. Orange County 17

  9. Alameda County 16

  10. San Francisco County 10

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