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L.B Councilmember Uranga & wife who was accused of animal neglect won't face charges

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Long Beach City Councilmember Roberto Uranga and his wife, who was accused of neglecting their two dogs, will not face criminal charges, the LA County District Attorney's office told the Post.

Driving the news:

Councilmember Uranga and his wife Tonia agreed to take online animal abuse prevention courses as an alternative to criminal charges, even though one of the dogs died quickly after being picked up by a local non-profit.

  • The Uranga's relinquished ownership of the dogs to the local non-profit organization Fix Long Beach.

My two cents:

The lack of charges against the Urangas highlights the protections the political class, even at the local level, enjoys from prosecution even when it might look blatantly obvious the dogs were not living in a suitable manner.


The allegations stemmed from when the Uranga's dropped off their two dogs at Joyful Paws Pet Hotel last October. The staff were reportedly dismayed by the dog's condition and notified Long Beach Animal Care Services.

  • Councilmember Uranga maintained that both dogs were about 14 years of age and well cared for and loved.

  • One dog died hours after a non-profit animal rescue group obtained it.

  • Diana Kliche, executive director of Fix Long Beach, told the Post the dogs were both in "horrific shape," with fly bites on their ears and what she described as chemical burns on their paws.

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