• Matt Esnayra

L.B.F.D searched for a man in a sewer drain near Hartwell Golf Course

Photo from LBFD

What Happened:

At approximately 10:23 a.m, LBFD responded to the 6700 block of East Carson Ave, next to Hartwell Gold Course, regarding a call that a witness heard voices coming from the sewer.

According to LBFD spokesperson Brian Fisk, another witness said they saw a man "push himself through the sewer pipes".

L.B.F.D later dispatched its rescue response team to the scene, who were able to make voice contact with the man, but after sending a 2-man team into the sewer and a robotic camera. provided by the Long Beach Water Department, firefighters were unable to find the man.

After some time, the man would later be found by L.A County fire three or four blocks away in Lakewood and was able to be extracted from a manhole cover.

Segments of Carson Street were shut down to traffic near Palo Verde Avenue.

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