• Matt Esnayra

L.B.P.D Arrest A Suspicious Man During a Screening of 'Joker' at LB Town Center


Police were called to the Edwards Cinema Theater at the Long Beach Town Center on Saturday night, after reports of "shots call inside of a movie theatre". When police arrived, people where already leaving the movie due to "suspicious subject inside" according to L.B.P.D spokeswoman Arantxa Chavarria.

Police discovered, during a screening of the DC Comics film “Joker”, "a male adult subject walked to the front of the theatre while wearing a backpack" causing a commotion, film goers became afraid the man with the backpack, fearing he "was in possession of a weapon and ran out of the theatre."

The male suspect was later detained and taken into custody due to having an outstanding warrant. L.B.P.D's Violent Crimes Detectives will be assisting in the ongoing investigation.

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