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Tievon Lee Harmon, the missing L.B Resident has been found in Wilmington

Update: Tievon Lee Harmon Found

According to the L.B.P.D, the 25 year-old was found safe in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Wilmington and has been reunited with his family.

Details: (Earlier Report)

The L.B.P.D is asking for the public's assistance in finding Long Beach resident Tievon Lee Harmon, who was last seen July 13th.

  • According to a press release by the L.B.P.D, Tievon was last seen by a family friend at relatively 12:30pm on the 6400 block of Paramount Blvd in North Long Beach.

  • Tievon had a head injury that requires him to wear a protective helmet, but left his helmet behind before he went missing.

Photo provided by LBPD


  • Tievon is a 25 years old male

  • His height is 5’2” and weights 180 lbs

  • He has brown hair, brown eyes and was wearing a white tank top, black sweat pants and white shoes.

  • Tievon has the name “Sherrie” on right forearm and a dent on right side of forehead and normally wears protective helmet.

  • Tievon may become disoriented due to his previous injury.

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