L.B.P.D K-9 Dies After Handler Leaves Police Dog in Hot Patrol Car.

Photo of Ozzy (LBPD)

What Happened:

According to the L.B.P. D, on August 14, 2019, at roughly 3:40 p.m. a Long Beach PD K-9, named Ozzy, died after being left in his handler’s patrol car. Both Ozzy the police dog and his handler were both off duty at the moment of the incident.

L.B.P.D Response:

In a statement provided to The Modern Times of L. B by Long Beach Police Department spokesperson Arantxa Chavarria said “Our K-9 vehicles are outfitted with fail/safe equipment that is meant to generate an alert. At this time, we believe this alert may not have been working” and veterinarian saw Ozzy for a medical examination and “the preliminary results determined the cause of death to be heat-related “.

What's Next:

The L.B.P. D is conducting a “bureau review into all the equipment, our protocols, and circumstances of the accident.” and that “all of our patrol K-9 handlers are checking their Heat System Controller prior to every shift and will continue to do so as part of their daily protocols”.

More Information:

In a 2015 news report by the Green Bay Press-Gazette "Police dogs die from heatstroke more than any other non-medical reason" and from 2011 to 2015, "at least 46 police dogs across the United States died from overwhelming heat while locked inside their handlers cars".