• Matt Esnayra

L.B.P.D Says They're Investigating Circumstances Behind Viral Protest Photo

Photo by Richard Grant

L.B.P.D says they are investigating the circumstances behind the now controversial photo taken on Sunday during the George Floyd protest in Downtown Long Beach.


The photo, taken by The Daily 49er's photographer Richard Grant, went viral online, which appears to show a L.B.P.D officer aiming a non-lethal gun at an unarmed protester holding a child on his shoulders.

What they're saying:

  • Richrd Grant, of the Daily 49er, wrote on his Instagram account,"First thing, the photo is not fake. It is not Photoshopped. What I saw through the view finder is what is here".

  • Grant told the LBP, “At one point during the whole interaction—not the 500th of a second that my shutter was open for—he did have a gun pointed at his face at one point during all this,”.

  • LBPD said via twitter, "While the review of the incident is underway, we do know that this image was taken at the time that violent disrupters were throwing bottles and pyrotechnics that could cause great bodily injury to anyone in the area".

L.B.P.D's Statement:

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