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L.B Poly Students Accused Teacher of Racism, Verbal & Physical Abuse

In a post on the publish site Medium titled "Enough of Huff: Students of Long Beach Poly High School Speak Out". Anonymous Poly High School students accuse Libby Huff, a teacher of business, of engaging in racist behaviors and being physically and verbally abuse to students of color.


The unnamed students have accused Libby Huff of being verbally and physically abusive, and in one moment used the n-word toward a black student.

What They're Saying:

  • One anonymous student wrote, " Ms. Huff has been verbally and physically abusive to my fellow peers and I. In my cases of abuse she has held my wrist for an extended amount of time even when I told her to let go, and if I was to try and move my hand she would constrict my wrist harder, to the point where it was painful."

  • Another Student posted, "She then grabbed the back of my neck firmly and she lifted my neck forcefully, I thought that it was her waking me up, then she started to shake my neck. She shook my neck with force and it was pretty painful and shocking"

  • On allegedly saying the N-word, "Some people came up to me and told me that she called ***** a nigger. When they told me, I wasn’t surprised because she has a history of doing things that teachers shouldn’t be doing. She has hit me, pulled my hair, and pulled my ear on multiple occasions. I have witnessed her do the same to other students"


Actress Sara Ramirez:

LBUSD responded via Twitter :

UPDATE: LBUSD says Huff won't be "teaching when school resumes".

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