• Matt Esnayra

L.B shelled out $31 million on police misconduct settlements & verdicts

The City of Long Beach spent $31 million in settlements, court costs, and legal fees on police misconduct lawsuits against the LBPD that range from officer-involved shootings to use-of-force. According to data released Wednesday by Long Beach Councilmember Jeannine Pearce.


  • Long Beach pays for law enforcement liability insurance for "on-duty/off-duty purposes".

  • Long Beach City Councilmember Jeannine Pearce wrote in a Facebook post that she requested the data on March 29th, and the information does not include "city attorney or staff time."

  • There are 61 misconduct cases on the list, with the oldest case dating back to 2008.

  • The City of Long Beach is currently facing another misconduct lawsuit, as a woman claims that the LBPD shot off a portion of her finger with a rubber bullet during the May 31st unrest, per LBP.

  • Nearly half of the misconduct cases were settled.


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