• Matt Esnayra

L.B Transit Bus Driver Test Positive for Coronavirus; Confirmed Cases Passes 500

A Long Beach Transit bus driver has tested positive for the infectious coronavirus, Long Beach Transit says.

  • LBT found out about the bus driver’s positive results on April 21, according to the LB Press-Telegram.

  • Long Beach Transit officials don't think the driver had any interactions with passengers while infected and doesn't think the driver contracted the virus while at work.

Why it matters:

  • In New York City, 68 Metropolitan Transportation Authority employees have died from the coronavirus, according to The Guardian.

  • New Orleans' Regional Transit Authority reported three deaths, per The Times-Picayune.

Coronavirus in Long Beach as of 4/25:

  • 566 confirmed cases

  • 43 people have been hospitalized

  • 323 recoveries 

  • 29 fatalities

List of Long-Term Living Facilities with COVID-19 :

  • Broadway by the Sea has the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

  • 172 coronavirus cases have been confirmed at eight long-term care facilities in Long Beach

  • Cases include both residents and staff members.

  • 24 out of 29 fatalities are connected to long-term care facilities.

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