• Matt Esnayra

In only a few days, LA County reported 2,000 new coronavirus cases

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health announced 1,113 new confirmed COVID-19 cases; it is the first time since March that County health officials reported two consecutive days of thousand plus cases.

Why it matters:

Today's announcement only reconfirms health experts' concerns that the Delta variant is spreading primarily among the unvaccinated.

  • 60% of Los Angeles County residents are fully vaccinated, according to LA Public Health's dashboard.

  • White House COVID-19 response coordinator said," "virtually all COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths in the United States are now occurring among unvaccinated individuals," per Fox 11.

  • Over a thousand new cases were reported on Friday, per the LA Times.

The Big Picture:

Hospitalizations are also on the upswing, and on Saturday, LA County reported that the virus is mainly spreading among younger unvaccinated residents.

  • Of the 1,094 new cases reported on Saturday, 83% are among people under 50, with the highest number of new cases among residents between the ages of 18 and 49, with 70% of new patients.

LA County Covid-19 Update:

  • 1,113 new COVID-19 cases (1,257,628 cases to date)

  • 4 new deaths due to COVID-19 (24,542 deaths to date)

  • 373 people currently hospitalized with COVID-19

  • More than 7,010,000 individuals tested; 16% of all people tested positive.

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