• Matt Esnayra

LA County Sheriff’s Chief Eliezer Vera announced that he is running for sheriff.

LA County Sheriff Chief Eliazer Vera announced on Wednesday his bid to unseat current Sheriff Alex Villanueva in 2022.

Walk Me Through Your Resume

Vera has been with the department since 1988 and has been chief of the Technology and Support Division. His decision to enter the race came as a shock as he supported Villanueva in 2018, and Villanueva promoted Vera to the Sheriff's Department Central Patrol Division.

  • Don't forget: According to the LA Times, Vera was instrumental in Villanueva's effort to rehire former deputy Carl Mandoyan, who had been fired due to domestic violence and stalking charges.

  • Vera criticized Villanueva for how the Sheriff's Department has clashed with the LA Board of Supervisors concerning oversight, per KNBC 4.

What he's saying:

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