• Matt Esnayra

LAPD kills suspect who took woman hostage in DTLA, police say

Screenshot from video @_teddybomber

The LAPD says one man is dead after he went on a shooting spree and taking a hostage inside a downtown Los Angeles apartment building late Friday night.


According to police, the situation started around 4 p.m., at the corner of 8th Street and Broadway Avenue, when LAPD officers responded to reports of a man armed with a gun.

  • The suspect attempted to shoot a man in the face, but the gun didn't fire. He then entered a business and shot at several others, with one bullet grazing a 14-year-old boy.

  • According to authorities, the suspect fought with a group of people before breaking into an apartment building on Sixth Street and Main, where he kidnapped a woman at gunpoint.

  • LAPD's SWAT team entered the apartment and shot the suspect killing him during the encounter.

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