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LB City Clerk approves recall petition of Mayor Garcia; supporters can gather signatures

The Long Beach City Clerk has approved a petition for the collection of signatures in the recall of Mayor Robert Garcia, organizer Franklin Sim announced.

  • Supporters can start gathering signatures this Sunday

  • For the recall to be on the November ballot, 10% of registered voters within Long Beach has to sign the petition, which accumulates to 26,503 signatures within the next 160 days.

Catch up quick:

Local activist Franklin Sim announced his intention to recall the mayor on June 16th during a protest outside of City Hall. Then on June 29th, Mr. Sims served Mayor Garcia with a notice of intent to launch a recall petition.

  • In an interview with FORTH.org, Sim said one of the central tenets behind the recall is "the Mayor's financial relationship with the Long Beach Police Officers Association undermines his ability to protect locals, and it's having a disproportionate impact on Black and Brown locals."

  • Also in the interview, Sims would also criticize Mayor Garcia on the allocation of city funds, "Hundreds of millions of dollars from the Tidelands [Fund], which is cool, because that's a financial resource for us, right? And it helps our city. But the problem is the inequity. The Mayor takes those funds, and he's always sure to put them in the hands of the Whites, in predominantly White, wealthy, affluent communities in Long Beach, to the exclusion of communities of color."

  • Mr. Sim has been a fixture on the Long Beach politcal scene for a couple of years, he was an opponent of Measure A in 2018.

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