LB City Council asks City Attorney about raising fines for firework violations.

The Long Beach City Council voted Tuesday night to ask the city attorney to come up with options about a possible increase in fines for individuals who are caught storing, transporting, or deploying illegal fireworks within the city limits.

Why it matters:

According to the city, over the July 4th holiday, there were 779 fireworks-related calls to the City's Dispatch Center, a 67% increase when compared to an average day and Long Beach, like other municipalities across America, have been dealing with a rise in fireworks complaints, some of which sparked conspiracy theories.

  • The city prosecutor’s office created a public portal to accept fireworks complaints, which allows residents to upload video, per LB Post.

  • The Long Beach Dispatch Center handled 3,854 calls (9-1-1 and the non-emergency line), which resulted in 1,301 calls for service during the 24-hour period starting at midnight, July 4.

What they're saying:

  • Long Beach City Council Member Suzie Price said " every year on July the fifth, I get tons of emails from people saying they've lived here their whole life. And that this year was the worst. I get it every year, but this year literally was worse".

  • Councilmember Price even suggests that homeowners should "have some financial liability, I think that's to make an impact".

  • Long Beach City Council Member Stacy Mungo said "what would be ideal is if we could really target your multi-time offenders, there are a very small group of individuals who are lighting off fireworks on a continual basis".

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