• Matt Esnayra

LB Coronavirus Update: 15 New COVID19 Cases; LA Co Health Dept reports 15 New Deaths.

The Latest in Long Beach

  • 213 positive results.

  • 50 people have recovered.

  • A total of 3 deaths have been reported.

  • Reported cases of coronavirus at 5 long-term living facilities

The Latest in L.A County:

The L.A County Department of Public Health has confirmed 15 new deaths and 663 new cases of Coronavirus.

  • 11 of the people who died had underlying health problems and 10 people were over the age of 65.

  • Two people who died were between the ages of 41 and 65 years old and one person was between the age of 18 and 40 years old.

  • One patient over the age of 65 who died did not have underlying health conditions.

  • Two deaths were reported by the City of Pasadena.

  • In 48 hours, there have been 1374 new cases.

  • 5,940 cases across all areas of LA County,

  • 132 deaths.

  • 1,257 have been hospitalized.

St. Mary's replaces its emergency room staff during a pandemic.

St.Mary's Medical Center in Long Beach won't be renewing its contract with the medical group that manages its emergency room staff, per a report by the Press-Telegram.

  • The current contract ends on June 30th.

  • Dignity Health will bring on Vituity, a medical staff organization, to manage it's emergency rooms beginning on July 1st.


  • 🐅A tiger at the #BronxZoo tested positive for the coronavirus and other big cats have shown symptoms of the virus but have not been tested, a statement issued from the Bronx Zoo said.

  • Honduras is using drones to disinfect its capital.

  • 🦠 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hospitalized with coronavirus symptoms.

  • 🌲Thousand Oaks councilmember and pastor Rob McCoy resigns his seat to host a Palm Sunday service in violation of shelter at home orders.

  • 🎬AMC's credit rating was downgraded and could go bankrupt, The Wrap reports

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