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LB Covid-19 Update: 13 LBPD Employees Tested Positive; 597 New Cases Since Yesterday

What's New:

City officials announced that thirteen public-facing Long Beach police officers from multiple divisions have tested positive for coronavirus and that one of the infected officers is currently hospitalized with the virus.

  • Some of the infected officers worked as recently as Jan 6.

  • Five hundred seventy-seven people are currently hospitalized with the virus, a new record.

  • Two public-facing employees in the Parks, Recreation and Marine Community Recreation Services Bureau have tested positive for COVID-19.

  • This week the inoculation of Long Beach Fire Department, EMT, and paramedics began.

Why it matters:

In December, the LBPD faced criticism for conducting training sessions inside the Long Beach Convention Center with hundreds of officers, nearly all within close proximity of one another and without wearing masks; soon after the event, a surge of covid-19 cases gripped the department, per LA Times.

  • Since the start of the pandemic, 85 LBPD employees tested positive for coronavirus.

In LA County:

A person dies from Covid-19 in Los Angeles County every eight minutes, county officials said Thursday.

  • Public Health officials say Jan 3., patients hospitalized with COVID-19 have intensified by more than 550 people.

  • From Dec 6, 2020, through Jan 3, 2021, the County has issued 143 citations to businesses for noncompliance with Covid-19 health orders.

Catch-up Quick:

  • On Wednesday, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia announced that 75% of health care workers have been vaccinated against the virus and that the next phase of the vaccine rollout, which includes teachers, will start on Jan 14.

  • Mayor Garcia said that Long Beach is "losing people in our community at a faster rate than we have before."

  • The city reported over 18,000 Covid-19 cases within one month.

  • Long Beach's Director of Health and Human Services Department,, Kelly Colopy,, announced on Wednesday that 85% of ICU beds are currently occupied.

  • On Dec 5., Long Beach had 173 people hospitalized with Covid-19; this week,, the city reported 573 Covid-19 related hospitalizations. That's an 1876% increase with 230% just in December alone, Colopy said.

By the Numbers 1/7/21

  • 37,293 total positive results (+597)

  • Seven-day positivity rate: 17.8%

  • 133 seven-day case rate per 100K population

  • 447 fatalities

  • 248 Long Beach residents hospitalized with COVID-19

  • 577 total COVID-19 hospitalizations in area hospitals

  • Approximately 26,007 recovered

  • 539,832 total tests conducted

  • Information as of Jan. 6

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