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LB COVID19 Update: 2 LBFD Firefighters Test Positive; Death Toll Rises to 114

Long Beach health officials announced 34 new confirmed COVID-19 cases and four new deaths, bringing the city’s death toll to 114.

What's New:

With mass protest transpiring in the wake of the brutal murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, plus the reopening of segments of the economy, state health officials fear a second wave of the coronavirus could take place.

  • Two Long Beach Fire Department employees tested positive for COVID-19. Neither employee is a resident of Long Beach and was included in the case count for the city.

  • Nine California counties have reported new outbreaks of COVID-19, including L.A County, per The Guardian.

  • The C.D.C is predicting 16,000 deaths in the next three weeks, per CNN.

  • Long Beach officials announced the reopening of additional businesses as L.A County moves into stage three .

What they're saying:

  • On June 9th, during Tuesday's City Council meeting, City Manager Tom Modica noted that Long Beach's hospitalization rate continues to rise saying, " we obviously like to have our economy back up and going again, but it's also a balance with the amount of cases that we still continue to see that are climbing and our hospitalization rate is up, and it's actually higher than the County right now on a hundred thousand population basis."

By the Numbers:

  • 😷: 2599 Confirmed Cases

  • 🕯:114 fatalities

  • 🚑: 74 hospitalizations

  • 🛌: 1,970 recoveries

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