• Matt Esnayra

LB COVID19 Update: 3 more deaths & Black Residents hit disproportionately by COVID19

City officials announced Tuesday three more Long Beach residents died due to the coronavirus complications, bringing the death toll to 17 and 13 new confirmed cases.

By the numbers:

  • Total confirmed cases as of 3:00 p.m. 363

  • Total deaths: 17

  • Total recoveries 165

  • 77 confirmed cases are connected to six long-term living facilities

  • 16 Long Beach firefighters and one police officer have recovered

  • 25% of L.A County inmates population has been released to avoid the spreading of COID19 in county jails

Long Beach's African-American population have been disproportionately hospitalized:

  • The data shows Long Beach's African-American residents, which account for 13% of the cities population, but make up 21.3% of coronavirus related hospitalizations.

  • According to city officials, the data presented only represents 60% of total cases.

  • The city didn't release a racial breakdown regarding coronavirus related deaths

Bottom Line:

The coronavirus crisis is exposing the long-established racial and socioeconomic inequalities in the United States in regard to access to health care, housing, and unemployment.

Racial Impact of the Coronavirus:

What they're saying:

  • Dr. Anissa Davis said, “Cases in Long Beach do seem to be slowing a bit,”.

  • Mayor Garcia said regarding racial disparities in COVID-19 patients "Clearly, our African American population is at greater risk of hospitalizations in Long Beach,”, and “[that's] not something we should find acceptable.”

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