• Matt Esnayra

LB COVID19 Update: Confirmed Cases Surpasses 1,000; Public Works Employee Test Positive

What's New:

A Long Beach Department of Public Works employee tested positive for the coronavirus, city officials announced.

  • The employee worked in the Environmental Services Bureau in a public-facing area and is currently recovering at home in self-isolation

  • Long Beach's confirmed COVID-19 cases surpass 1,000, according to the city, the reported confirmed cases today was caused by a delay from a private lab that was contracted by L.A County

  • One new COVID-19 related death today, bringing the city’s death toll to 49.

  • L.A County Department of Public Health confirmed 47 new deaths and 1,264 new cases of COVID-19.

What they're saying:

  • Cynthia Guidry, Director of L.B Airpor said, "Long Beach Airport is experiencing major declines in flights and passenger traffic as a result of COVID-19" and "Our passenger rates decreased by 95% for April".

  • L.B Mayor Robert Garcia said, "We have now completed 20,000 [COVID-19] tests in the City of Long Beach".

Where things stand: as of 5/13

  • 1,094 confirmed cases

  • 49 fatalities

  • 38 of COVID related deaths are associated with long-term care facilities

  • 53 people hospitalized 

  • Approximately 677 recoveries (Recovery data is self-reported.)

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