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LB Family says removal from their flight due to their autistic son being unable to wear a mask

A Long Beach family traveling from Saint Louis say they were forced to deplane off of their Southwest flight back home – all because their autistic son was unable to wear a face mask; Southwest Airlines would later dispute the claims, per multiple reports.

Ok, what just happened:

LaShaunda Jethro, her husband and their 17-year-old son, who has autism and is non-verbal, was asked to deplane by a flight attendant. Jethro told local Saint Louis outlet News 4, “We get to the door of the plane and the flight attendant is like, ‘no, he can’t come on, he’s gotta wear a mask’. I got my phone and pulled out the doctor’s letter,” Jethro told Local 12.

✈️ but,but,but:

Southwest does have exemptions for travelers with disabilities, a guardian or accompany passengers must fill out an exemption form and provide a doctor’s note.

  • Jethro, a nurse practitioner, said she told the flight attendant that her son is fully vaccinated, and even after showing the doctor’s note, they were allowed to take their seats briefly.

  • Moments later, flight attendants ask LaShaunda, and only her, to deplane.

  • Consequently, the entire family opted to exit from the plane together, even though their bags had already been checked. On Monday, they rebooked a ticket to Long Beach.

👩🏽‍✈️: Southwest Airlines alleges that Mrs. Jethro was asked to leave the plane because she was not wearing a mask while talking with flight attendants.

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