• Matt Esnayra

LB Mayor Garcia: "I’m ready to launch a UBI pilot in Long Beach"

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia said on Twitter that he is interested in creating a universal basic income pilot program for Long Beach, a direct payment monetary program championed by former presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

Why it matters:

In Mayor Garcia's retweet, he asked Stockton Mayor Micheal Tubbs what's next in launching a universal basic income program. Mayor Tubbs became nationally known when he created a UBI program for Stockton, which gave a $500 stipend to 125 residents for 18-months.

  • Mayors in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and nine other U.S. cities said Monday they will launch universal basic income pilot programs, per Forbes.

  • Before the Coronavirus pandemic, the primary job disruptions were coming from Silicon Valley, with advancements in automation and artificial intelligence. Still, as the COVID-19 crisis continues, leaving 40 million Americans unemployed, some economists say 16 million jobs will be gone forever.

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