• Matt Esnayra

LB Mayor Garcia Stepping Down from Metro Board Fueling Speculation About a Biden Appointment

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia announced that he is departing the Metro Board's board of directors and won't seek re-election, per Street blog LA.

Why it matters:

Garcia's announcement is only adding to more speculation that he will soon leave Long Beach for a role in the incoming Biden Administration or seek an appointment to the open Senate seat left vacant by Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

  • Franklin Sim, the local activist who spearheaded the Recall Garcia campaign, said last month in a Facebook video that he was told by “credible political insiders” that Mayor Robert Garcia will be selected for President-Elect Joe Biden’s administration.

  • Garcia first joined the Metro Board in 2017 after lobbying for the gig.

What he's saying:

In Garcia's goodbye letter to the board, he mentions Long Beach Councilmember Rex Richardson's recent election to The South Coast Air Quality Management District and that he has "some other opportunities ahead that I would like to pursue."

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