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LB reports 3 new COVID-19 deaths & LA County Health Dept releases a racial breakdown of fatalities

Three more Long Beach residents have died due to coronavirus complications, bring the cities fatalities to six.

  • According to city officials, all three of the new fatalities were in their 80's and had underlying health problems.

  • Officials also reported 26 more cases of coronavirus.

  • Long Beach's new appointment only drive-thru testing site at Long Beach City College's Pacific Coast Campus has opened next to the Rapid Assessment Clinic.

  • Today is the first time city officials announced multiple deaths in a single day.

By the numbers: Long Beach

  • 256 confirmed cases.

  • 87 recoveries

  • 6 total COVID-19 deaths

Los Angeles County:

For the first time, the LA County Department of Public Health has shared data on the racial breakdown of coronavirus fatality rate.

  • The limited data is based on 93 confirmed coronavirus deaths, but the limited data does reveal that African-Americans are more likely to die from the coronavirus

  • L.A. County Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer said, “When we look at these numbers by the total population of each group, African Americans have a slightly higher rate of death than other races,”.

Here's the breakdown:

  • 19% Asian

  • 17% African American

  • 28% Latinx

  • 27% White

  • 9% belonging to another race or ethnicity

By the Numbers

  • 6,910 total cases

  • 550 cases today

  • 169 deaths

  • 1,510 hospitalized

  • 12 LA County Fire Department personnel have tested positive.

  • 24 LA County Sheriff personnel tested positive for COVID-19

  • 10 cases among the homeless.


  • 😷: LA Mayor Eric Garcetti issued an emergency order that will require many workers providing non-medical essential services to wear a mask while at work. 

  • 👷🏻‍♂️👷🏻‍♀️: Gov. Newsom says 2.3 million Californians have filed claims for unemployment insurance, per the Press-Telegram.

  • Death toll surpasses 10,000 in France

  • Trump calls the World Health Organization "very China-centric" and threatens to withhold future funding.

Gov. Newsom says "We have secured... 200 million masks on a monthly basis starting in the next few weeks,".

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