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LB's Pride Lifeguard Tower Burns Down: Mayor Garcia says "little doubt this was an act of hate"

Photo from Long Beach Fire Dept

The Pride Lifeguard Tower burnt down Tuesday morning in what Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia called an "act of hate.”


Long Beach firefighters responded to the lifeguard tower near 12th Place at around midnight and found it fully engulfed in ablaze.

  • Marine Safety Chief Gonzalo Medina said both LBFD fire investigators and the Long Beach Police Department are working together to uncover the fire's cause.

  • Medina also mentioned that vandalism of lifeguard towers has been on the rise over the past year.


The lifeguard tower, made of steel and fiberglass, was painted in rainbow colors last year in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

What they're saying:

  • Marine Safety Chief Medina said, "Early this morning, fire resources responded to the Pride Lifeguard Tower fully engulfed. LGBTQ members of the Marine Safety Division painted the tower during Pride month last year. The tower served as a symbol of our strong support for the diversity within our ranks and the LGBTQ community who call Long Beach home. The Fire Department Marine Safety Division remains committed to the safety and inclusion of our LGBTQ staff and community members. The tower will be replaced and repainted by Lifeguards. The source of the fire is under investigation."

  • Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia said, "The fire is under investigation but I personally have little doubt this was an act of hate. To whoever committed this act, we will rebuild it better and brighter."

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