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LB State professor says campus police discriminated against him

Updated: Jul 18

Dr. Steve Osuna, a sociologist at Cal State Long Beach, claims campus police racially profiled and discriminated against him after a University police officer didn’t believe he was a professor at the school, according to a letter by CFA.

Why it matters:

Police officers have come under increased scrutiny in recent years for the treatment of people of color.

What the letter says:

On May 25, Dr. Osuna was preparing for an online advising workshop when he exited his office to go to the restroom. Unbeknownst to him, he locked himself out of the building, leaving behind his keys, phone, and ID card.

  • After realizing he shut himself out, Dr. Osuna proceeded to the emergency call box in the parking lot and talked with the operator.

  • After some time, a ‘plain-clothed,’ university officer arrived, and Dr. Osuna explained to the officer his situation. The officer suggested calling the dean, but Dr.Osuna didn’t have the number.

  • Dr . Osuna suggested the officer could check the university’s website to view his profile picture or check his office where there are pictures of the doctor, but the officer didn’t budge and called his supervisor, who only supported the plain-clothed officer’s decision.

  • In the letter, Osuna became furious for “being put into a presumption of guilt,” told the supervising officer and the plain-clothed officer that “if he was white, they would not have doubted he is a faculty member.”

Osuna demands University Police provide a public apology, revise its ‘unlock policy,’ and create a Campus Police Accountability Council to “serve as an independent entity that receives and reviews independent reports by persons against the University Police.

What he's saying:

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