• Matt Esnayra

LBCC Trustee Candidate Admits he Wore Blackface at a Halloween Party in 2008

Photo: Loveridge's Facebook page

LBCC Board of Trustees candidate Lee Loveridge said in a statement on his campaign website that he dressed as former President Barack Obama at a Halloween party in 2008, LBCC Viking reporting.


The photo was taken in 2008, while Loveridge worked as an adjunct professor at LA City College.

Why it matters, do we really need to explain this?

Blackface was often used by white performers in the 20th century to mock Black people on stage shows and in motion pictures. The performers would perpetuate negative caricatures and racist archetypes of the African-American community.

What he's saying:

  • Loveridge said via his campaign website, "Like all white people, I am used to my view being represented and don't always understand the perspective of others. I have recognized for decades that while I certainly don't hate any racial group, I have to work hard to address my implicit biases and treat everyone according to their own needs,"

  • "In Fall of 2008, I wanted to dress as then candidate Obama for Halloween. In doing so I made the regrettable decision to wear blackface. I thought that since my intention was not to parody Black people but to emulate someone I admire that it was somehow different. I learned fairly shortly after that any such action still has negative effects on the Black community, and I am truly sorry that I participated in it."

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