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LBP: LB Councilmember Under Investigation For Animal Cruelty Incident with Pet Dogs

7th District City Councilmember Roberto Uranga and his wife Tonia is currently under investigation by the Long Beach Animal Control over allegations of neglecting their two pet dogs, per a report by the LBP.

What Happened:

On Sept 13, a private animal rescue group reported to Long Beach Animal Care Services that they had Uranga's two German Shepherds, who the rescue group believed suffered from "cruelty and/or neglect."

  • Uranga said he placed his two pet dogs into a pet hotel while he and his wife visited family out of town and told staff how hard it was to care for his dogs during the pandemic while remaining under quarantine.

  • The councilmen said the pet hotel suggested a rescue group that could take the dogs.

  • Staycee Dains, director of Long Beach Animal Care Services, confirmed an investigation into a report of animal cruelty but declined to provide details or names of the individuals due to the ongoing investigation.

  • Sidenote: Tonia Uranga is a candidate for the LBUSD school board.

What they're saying: "They have been in our family since birth and they are part of our family," he said. "The dogs, although aging, were always in good health with the exception of extreme allergies. The care of the dogs is extremely important to me and my family," Councilmen Roberto Uranga said in a statement.

  • Uranga would also say, "After a long discussion, we made the hard decision to move forward with a new home for them," and "when we got back into town on Monday, we called the boarding facility and they informed us the dogs were fine and successfully picked up on Sunday by DBA Fix Long Beach."

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