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LBPD shoots & kills an armed man on a roof

Updated: Jul 11

Photo via the LBPD

The man involved in an hours-long standoff on an apartment roof Saturday died after LBPD officers fired upon him for allegedly aiming a gun at them, police say.


At roughly 11:10 a.m., officers arrived at the 1100 block of East 17th Street concerning an armed individual who was in a confrontation, according to LBPD spokesperson Paige White.

  • When officers arrived, they watched a man “in his 30s to 40s, standing on a roof holding what appeared to be a firearm,” later identified as 42-year-old Jaime Rodriguez, per ABC 7.

  • After attempting to de-escalate the situation,” officers established a perimeter, and activated the LBPD’s SWAT team.

  • Police shut down traffic on 17 Street and told nearby residents to either evacuate or shelter in place.

  • At some point, officers fired a rubber bullet at the man, but it wasn’t effective.

Police say about 20 minutes after they fired the rubber bullet, officers witnessed the suspect aiming a “firearm at officers,” and fired upon him with “their handguns and an AR-15 patrol rifle.”

  • Police say the man “continued to manipulate the firearm in his hand and refused to follow multiple commands to drop the firearm.”

  • The man became motionless, and once SWAT officers climbed to the roof, they provided medical aid. Long Beach Fire personnel pronounced the suspect dead at the scene.

  • Police learned Rodriguez assaulted someone and attempted to carjack a driver before officers arrived on scene. One person was hurt and was taken to a nearby hospital.

The initial reports were that a man armed with a rifle was on top of an apartment building.

  • According to police dispatch, the suspect had a gun ‘within fingertips,’ and was lying on the ground.

  • After police climbed onto the roof at 1 p.m., the suspect, as described in police dispatch, was motionless, moving, and one officer asked for sandbags for a tarp to cover the body.

Editor’s Note: We have updated this story to include information provided by the LBPD and a ABC 7 report.

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