• Matt Esnayra

LBPD has been impounding BLM protesters' cars

According to a report by The Forward, two months after the epic Goerge Floyd protest in Long Beach and the civil unrest that followed, the LBPD has been casting a wide net, mistakenly arresting and impounding cars of peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters.

What's happening:

LBPD's Looting Task Force appears to have randomly flagged license plates of cars parked near areas where looting occurred and pursued people without any tangible evidence that drivers of those vehicles are connected or are accessories to a crime. Some even question if the LBPD's method qualifies as intimidation.

  • Individuals who mistakenly targeted had to prove their whereabouts or give written statements, and yet still had to pay the impound hundreds to release their cars.

  • There was one woman ordered out of her car at gunpoint. She had to sit in the back seat of a cop car because her vehicle was falsely flagged in connection to a homicide investigation and designated as "armed and dangerous."

What she's saying:

  • Lena August, who had her car impounded, claims that her lawyer spoke with LBPD Sergeant Malcolm Evans, the officer. The lawyer allegedly states, "He said, 'I don't want to lecture anyone and I believe in your First Amendment right, but I do want this to be a lesson to you the next time you join one of these protests. Even if you don't think you're doing anything wrong, how easy it is for you to get caught up and mistaken for someone who's involved in criminal activity,' August recalled Sergeant Evans saying. "I found that to be, I don't know, a thinly veiled threat."

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