• Matt Esnayra

LBPD Investigate a No Hit-Shooting at The Pike

The LBPD is investigating a no hit-shooting at the Pike Outlets after a person allegedly fired a gun into the air, at the downtown shopping plaza Saturday night.


According to LBPD spokesperson Rudy Garcia, officers were dispatched to The Pike Outlets to disband large groups of people congregating in the area. Police at the scene witnessed a "large fight taking place outside of a business in the area of Bay Street and Aquarium Way" at around 5:00 p.m. During the commotion, police say a person pistole whipped somebody, and they believe gunshots rang out near the intersection of Pine Ave and E. Shoreline Drive. The suspect of the assault and the victim fleed the scene before police arrived.

  • Police found "several bullet casings," and made a single arrest, but it’s unknown if both incidents are related to one another.

  • Videos are circulating on social media showing a fight between two people outside the Laugh Factory.

  • Police placed a blockade around the Pike, closing street access, and moving people out of the plaza.

  • They described the suspect in the assault as a Black male, wearing a black shirt and a gold-colored chain around his neck.

  • The suspect in the shooting incident was described as a Black male, wearing bleached jeans, a black shirt, and a gold-colored chain around his neck.

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