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LBPD Officer Under Investigation Over Controversial Instagram Post


An LBPD officer is under internal investigation over posting disturbing Instagram pictures showing the officer standing over the blood-stained sidewalk while holding his police-issued baton during Sundays’ George Floyd protest in Long Beach, Buzzfeed is reporting.


Long Beach Officer Jacob Delgado posted pictures on his personal Instagram account during the unrest Sunday night.

  • Delgado posted the pictures Sunday night, during the in the thick of the skirmishes between the police and demonstrations that required the arrival of the California National Guard.

  • According to Buzzfeed, Delgado's sibling posted a photo that showed Officer Delgado standing over a blood-stained sidewalk with a police-issued baton in hand with the caption "Bro getting his." written across.

  • The LA Times reported that Delgado has been removed from patrol duties pending an internal investigation and has deleted his social media accounts.

Photo from Buzzfeed

What they're saying:

  • LB City Councilmember Jeannie Pearce wrote on her Facebook, "And just like that, they show us who they are. I am pissed. I am heartbroken and I will not settle for this. Clearly, our city has failed you."

  • In a statement to Buzzfeed LBPD Cheif Robert Luna said, "The images depicted here are very disturbing and are not in line with the high standards we hold our officers accountable for,".

  • In an e-mail to the L.A Times City Manager Tom Modica, “social media post an officer had on his Facebook page” and that included “a baton and blood on the ground.

Councilmember Pearce's post:

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