• Matt Esnayra

LBPD Releases Use-of-Force Data

The Long Beach Police Department has released data presenting a 31 percent decrease in use-of-force engagements since 2015.


According to the data presented by the LBPD, it shows by, and large use-of-force incidents and police-involved shootings have decreased.

  • In 2015, 493 use-of-force incidents occurred; in 2019, there were 340, a 31% drop.

  • There were nine officer-involved-shootings in 2015; in 2019, there were three cases, a 33% drop.

Yes, but:

The use of force data presented by the LBPD does not give a breakdown by race. This week, it was revealed that the LBPD spent $31 million in settlements and legal fees in police misconduct cases ranging from officer-involved shootings to use of force since 2013, according to data released by Long Beach City Councilmember Jeanie Pearce on Wednesday.

Read it here:

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