• Matt Esnayra

LBPD earned nearly $1 million in overtime pay during the May 31st unrest

photo by Kevin Turcios

The LBPD spent over $1 million in overtime pay in response to the peaceful George Floyd protest and the unrest that followed, per a report by the LB Post.

Why it matters:

Long Beach's proposed 2021 budget is facing a $30 million shortfall due to the cost of coronavirus relief efforts, the shutdown of the local economy, and low tax revenues.

By the numbers:

The LBPD worked 45,993 hours in overtime for about a two-week span, which totaled $3.8 million.

  • The city is expected to spend up to $100 million in addressing the pandemic by providing medical care, COVID-19 testing, and financial assistance to local businesses.

  • The police department faces a $10.3 million in budgetary cuts and the possible elimination of 54 positions.

  • The proposed 2021 police department budget will support 797 police officer positions and 390 civilian positions.

One more thing:

"Defund the LBPD" has been a rallying cry by local protesters and has been calling into City Council meetings, demanding police funds to reallocate towards other community-driven programs.

  • Sidenote: The City of Long Beach spent $31 million in settlements, court costs, and legal fees on police misconduct lawsuits against the LBPD that range from officer-involved shootings to use-of-force.

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