• Matt Esnayra

LBUSD board approves pay increases for substitutes

The Long Beach Unified School board approved a pay increase for substitute teachers while facing staffing shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic, prt the Post.

What's happening:

Hourly substitute rates will increase to $32 per hour from $27.47, which means a day's pay will increase to $190 per day from $164.82.

  • The pay raise would help substitute teachers, who are not represented by the Teachers Association of Long Beach or who are not a member of a union at all.

Why it matters:

Only 350 of the district's 1,300 substitute teachers have been active since students returned after nearly a full year of virtual learning.

  • According to the Post, there were 53 vacancies as of last Friday, which have to be filled by school or district officials.

Zoom Out: In a blog post, the California State Teachers Retirement System predicted that teacher retirements in California would reach near-record levels in 2021.

  • Long Beach Unified, which employs roughly 12,000 people, has seen a rise in retirements from 95 to 113 in the last two years, per Cal Matters.

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