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Local housing activist protest in North Long Beach

Local housing rights activists gathered Tuesday in North Long Beach to march and protest in support of a tenant who they alleged was illegally locked out of his home by his landlord over the weekend, if true could be a violation of the city’s eviction moratorium.

Why it matters:

Housing advocates are warning that a 'tsunami' of evictions could occur when states, like California's eviction moratorium laws, are lifted leaving millions of Americans in danger of becoming homeless and exposed to the Coronavirus.

  • The Long Beach City Council pass an extension on the eviction moratorium till September.

  • The eviction moratorium freezes evictions, but tenants are still on the hook for past rent that has been accumulating for months.

  • 20+ million Americans are in danger of losing their homes when the federal eviction moratorium will expire on July 25th, and tenants can't be kicked out until August 24th, according to the Houston Chronicle.

  • The extra $600 a week in pandemic unemployment assistance created under the CARES ACT is set to expire at the end of the month, per CNET.

What they’re saying:

  • "What happened here is illegal", shouted a protester into a white megaphone. "This should not be happening, we are in a pandemic, and there are specific laws that protect tenants, not to take away the fact that landlords should be following a state procedure for evictions, that no one could evict you but a judge".

  • "Wow, all you guys had to do was do a go fund me, and everything would have been okay. If you know him [the tenant] you would know that he moved and bought a house with the money he saves from not paying me", said landlord Cedric Williams, who replied via text message when asked about the protest.

  • When asked about the accusations against him, that he locked out his tenant and that he is now living in his car, Mr.Williams replied "If you know him you would know none of that is true. Call him up."

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