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Long Beach area students walk out, rally against gun violence

screengrab via footage from @mcbridepups

Possibly thousands of students left their classrooms at 10:30 a.m. in protest on Friday demanding new laws to end gun violence. This response was due to the aftermath of the most recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas claiming the lives of 19 elementary school students and two teachers.

Driving the news:

They assembled with backpacks slung over their shoulders and handmade signs, they assembled in the quads and at City Hall, and they were angry. Students walked out of their classrooms at several LBUSD campuses to express sorrow for the tragedy in Uvalde and outrage at leaders for not enacting new gun control laws.

  • At Wilson High School, students read out past school shootings and the number of victims.

  • One student at McBride, told her classmates, "Us students shouldn't have to worry about seeing our friends for the last time."

  • While at Renaissance High School, students walked out of school and marched to Long Beach City Hall to protest.

  • About 1,500 plus students at Millikan High School marched towards the football field, per the Post.

  • At Lakewood High, students also had a rally on the football field, where they held a sign saying “Am I next?", per KTLA.

In photos

Students at McBride High School marched out of class to protest gun violence. Photo courtesy of @britjdg on Instagram


Students at Renaissance High School walked out of class & marched to City Hall:


A student at Lakewood High School hold a sign that reads "Guns Kill"

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